President Obama Gets His Special K

The Senate Republicans on Capitol Hill saw the writing on the wall, but their dilatory tactics could not avoid the inevitable:  Elena Kagan’s approval by the Senate Judiciary Committee.  With one Republican (Senator Lindsey Graham-South Carolina) joining all twelve Democrats on the committee, Kagan’s nomination now goes to the full Senate.  The 13-6 vote was not surprising.  Kagan is expected to be confirmed.  The National Rifle Association has warned senators not to vote for her confirmation or face the political consequences.  Stay tuned for the floor debate is Relaunched!

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Since 2004, has been part of, a site dedicated to providing you with information about Texas and U.S. politics.  Today, it is relaunched as a separate blog to provide with information about White House and congressional politics.  There will be plenty to write about so stay tuned for exciting updates.

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President Obama is Coming to the Promised Land — Texas

The air may not be clean in Texas, but that doesn’t stop a U.S. President from coming to Texas to raise money for federal races. Loyal Democrats and afficionados with deep pockets mark your calendars! President Obama will be in Austin, Texas on August 9th at the Four Seasons Hotel to raise money for congressional candidates. And the tickets are not cheap. If you have an extra $30,000 to spare in this depressed economy, you can take a picture with the President and mingle with the political elite. Enjoy!